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Strong visual effect heads mounted on very light hubs
Sized for 22mm (7/8 inches) external diameter poles by default can be sized up to fit our fire dragon poles 
Comes as pairs with a screw set and an Allen key


Flowbonacci Tri-Ying dragon staff heads have been designed and engineered to provide optimal inertia and maximize the gyroscopic effect that gives a dragon staff its special floating momentum. Their disc shape make them safe, very stable and easy to spin with. They are providing a unique gateway for technical exploration and a whole world of rolling on the ground possibilities. They are very durable – Flowbonacci Spinal hubs are based on a refined and light design- They are sized to be mounted on 22mm (7/8 inches) external diameter poles – They are not suitable with fire spokes – This pack is including one pair of Tri-Ying dragon staff heads + one pair of Spinal hubs + one screw set + one Allen key