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Gora Hubs and Wicks Package

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We are happy to be a USA distributor of Gora Dragon Staff Attachments!


This is a set of 2 hubs, 8 wicks, and an allen key.

The hubs are 2 pieces that screw together, clamping onto your staff. Careful not to over-tighten the screws, which may lead to bent screws needing replaced.

The wicks snap into the hub and are secured by a ball-bearing, a spring and a screw.  Be sure to tighten the screws that hold in the wicks.  

Fits 25mm (1 inch) diameter poles.  If your pole is skinnier than that, then you can add tape or rubber under the hub to build up a larger diameter.
If ordering with a pole from us we will build up to the correct size to fit this hub

Extra wicks can be purchased here.
Extra screws and springs can be purchased here.

Wick Styles

Standard sushi-roll wicks.
Simply 50mm Kevlar wrapped and secured to the spoke.
Burn time ~4 minutes.

A turks weave tied around the regular sushi roll wick.
Significantly increases burn time of the regular wicks.

Dragon Tooths:
A proprietary Kevlar weave.
Aerodynamic diamond/teardrop shape.
~5+ minutes burn time.

Dragon Balls:
A proprietary Kevlar weave.
Sphere shaped wicks for nice aesthetic.
~5+ minutes burn time.

Wick Pics



Dragon Tooth:

Dragon Ball: