Spiral Fire Sword

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A contact fire sword with a macrame'd spiraling blade.

The twisting blade adds to the feel of the rolling sword and adds texture to the flames.


Built on carbon fiber core.
The gripped area is 16mm carbon.

Add a flower for slower contact rolls.

Acrylic pommels only.  The spiral wick weighs slightly too much for our rubber ball pommel.  If you want a rubber pommel with this sword then it requires mounting 2 rubber balls.

Overall length is ~46.5 inches


We offer 2 types of grips for your sword:

Wizard Grip:
The ultimate contact staff grip made from sustainable natural rubber.  It is light-weight, extremely grippy, and comfortable on the skin.  Absorbs sweat while maintaining very good traction.  Available in multiple colors, and as thin or double-thickness.  Requires replacing after about 1 season of use.  Prolonged UV-light exposure can degrade the natural rubber grip material.
View color options.

Goat Grip:
A dense and durable rubber with a gripping texture.  The benefit of this grip is extreme durability.  Never worry about needing to replace your staff's grip.  Available only in black.