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Goat Grip Roll

Goat Grip Roll

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This grip is extremely durable, thick, and textured rubber. It will last well over a year with proper care.
Goat grip is about 2mm thick

Does not come with adhesive. We recommend using regular gorilla glue (apply a very thin layer under grip let it cure over night).


The grip lays seam to seam on the staff, with no overlap.

When buying grip, you to choose the diameter of your staff so that the strip of grip is properly sized for your stick.  Thicker poles require a wider strip of grip, and skinnier poles require a narrower strip of grip.  The proper size is important to make the seams lay smoothly.

The strip of grip covers about 32-34 inches on a staff.  We find this is sufficient gripped area.  If you think you need more gripped area on your stick, then you can either order 2 pieces of grip or you can select a larger grip size.  Be aware that if you choose a larger grip size then it will be more difficult to have the seams lay down flat.

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