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Stars and shaped wicks

Stars and shaped wicks

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These will be sold by weight! As these will be unique each time they are made and improvements will be made rapidly.

Please give us a relative shape you want and we will be sure make it that way
Tether option is default 1/4" diameter technora, swivel and or quick-link available by request. Every leash will be by default terminated in a wrist loop that is about ~5" additional overall length We will send a picture before the order is shipped to assure you like the design

7 oz heads

These will be able to have one layer of points maximum, hearts and small stars will start here! and many other shapes

Burn time is around 5-6 minutes here

9 oz heads

These will be a bit more intricate and a offer a the best fire size to weight ratio

Burn time is around 6-7 minutes here

12 oz head

The designs in this category are the prime fire size and the options for shape and style knot are quite vast all the ones in our default picture here are 12oz heads, BE WARNED these heads are HEAVY when full soaked

burn time is aorund 7-10 minutes!