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Technora Poi Tethers

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Tethers for fire poi.
Made from high quality Technora rope.
Secured with a brummel lock splice. Handle is included

We recommend an overall length that is the distance from the ground to your finger tips 


Add tethers + fire poi heads to your cart to receive fully assembled poi.

Length is the total length of the assembled poi - top of handle to bottom tip of the wick.

Please feel free to write us a little note if ordering is confusing :)


We offer several thickness options for your tethers.

Our recommended sizes are  5/16th and 3/8 inch.

The 3/16 inch size is very skinny, and the 1/2 inch is very thick.


All tethers handles are Wizard of Flow printed knobs.

Our preferred sizes are 5/16 and 3/8 inch thickness.

We recommend 1/2 inch tethers with Xl knobs.